KFC Queenstown

KFC Queenstown Menu & Outlets New Zealand (Updated 2024)

KFC is a famous place in Queenstown, New Zealand, where you can get yummy food. KFC has tasty dishes like chicken and fries. You can find KFC in many popular places around the city. It’s a good spot to stop by if you’re exploring the city.

KFC is not only about food but also about its location. Imagine enjoying your meal with a beautiful view of the mountains or by the lake. It makes eating at KFC even more special. So, if you’re in Queenstown and feeling hungry, KFC is a great place to go for yummy food and a nice view.

KFC Queenstown Menu

If you want to see what KFC offers, you can visit their website. There, you can check out all their yummy food and see how much it costs. Planning your meal and seeing if they have any special deals is easy.


Outlets in Queenstown

KFC Queenstown

KFC Queenstown

Address: 27 Camp Street, Queenstown 9300

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

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