KFC Napier South

KFC Napier Menu & Outlets New Zealand (Updated 2024)

Welcome to KFC Napier, a place to enjoy yummy food. It is famous for its tasty dishes like chicken and mashed potatoes. You can find KFC in different parts of Napier, a fantastic city in New Zealand. After eating at KFC, you can explore Napier’s beautiful streets and fun places nearby.

KFC Napier is not just about food; it’s also about being in cool places. You can visit KFC by the water, in the middle of the city, or even at the drive-thru. Each place has something unique to see nearby, like parks and exciting buildings.

KFC Napier Menu

Check Out what KFC offers on KFC Menu New Zealand. They have lots of tasty food like Pepper Mayo Twister and Crispy Tenders. You can also see how much everything costs. It’s a great way to plan your next meal at KFC.


Outlets in Napier

KFC Napier South


Address: 251 Dickens Street, Napier South, Napier 4110

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

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